Canada Organic Regime (COR)

The Canada Organic Regime (COR) is the Government of Canada's regulated system for organic products. COR requires mandatory certification to the Canadian Organic Standards for organic products (food for human consumption, feed, and seed) if the product:

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  • has an organic claim on the label and is sold between provinces or territories or imported; or
  • displays the Canada Organic Logo on the label and is sold within or outside of Canada.

Certification bodies have to be accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

ACO Certification Ltd is accredited to provide certification services for the following Canadian Organic Standard(s):

Organic Production Systems: General Principles and Management Standards (CAN/CGSB-32.310 - 2020)

Organic Production Systems: Permitted substances lists (CAN/CGSB-32.311 - 2020)

for the following categories: crop production; livestock production; livestock feed; apiculture; greenhouse crops; wild crops; processed products; and, Grower Groups.

There is an organic equivalence arrangement between the United States of America and Canada. Please contact ACO for further information regarding how this arrangement applies in the Australian context.

Certification Process

  1. Apply by submitting COR application documents to ACO.
  2. Document Review – ACO will review your application documents, including but not limited to your Organic Management Plan for compliance with the Standards and request further information if necessary.
  3. Initial on-site audit – an ACO Auditor will verify that your Organic Management Plan is reflective of current practice and prepare an audit report.
  4. Certification Review & Decision – ACO will review the audit report, request further information if required, then make a decision whether COR certification can be granted. If compliant, the COR certificate and logos will be issued.

Please note there is a minimum 15 month transition period and two successful audits required for crop producers prior to issuing of certificate.

Important Notes:

  • Fees for this program are charged as outlined in our Fee Schedule
  • Exports over 10kg or 10L to Canada must be accompanied by an Organic Goods Certificate (OGC), issued prior to the goods leaving Australia. The OGC can only be issued if the goods have COR certification or meet the terms of the USDA NOP-COR equivalency arrangement.
  • You can apply for an OGC here