Retail and Retail Processing – Independent Retail, Retail Chains

Why become certified?

Organic certification allows retailers to purchase non retail ready products and sell them under their own registration without revealing to competitors their suppliers but still complying with organic standards by being under an audit system. This allows retailers to maintain competitive prices on their products but maintaining certified organic integrity.

Certification also allows the retailer to use the ’bud logo’ for marketing purposes to tell the consumer that they are responsible organic handler.

Please note that Retail certification does not cover blending or processing new products. If you plan to blend or create your own product please advise certification office before applying.

What does it take?

Certification of retail or butch operation is quite simple. After submitting the application, the location will undergo an on-site audit. It is expected that thorough documentations is maintained in regards to organic products purchase and sale balancing, traceability and organic certification documents. It is also important to maintain good labeling and separation practices to ensure organic and conventional products are not mixed. Sanitation and pest control is also assessed. All certified locations will undergo at least one audit per year during which above items must be available to be verified.

Certification of retail and butcher (including chains) operations are subject to sections 6 and 8.1 of the ACOS which can be downloaded from here.