Australian Certified Organic has partnered with a Chinese Certification Company COFCC to offer certification to the Chinese Organic Regulations GB/T 19630. ACO now has access to a Chinese Inspector based in Australia to ensure timely and cost effective certification is accessible to clients seeking to export organic product to China.

To export organic product to China, the product has to be certified to the Chinese Organic Regulations GB/T 19630. The entire supply chain has to be Chinese certified meaning the farm through manufacturing has to hold certification.

ACO facilitates all communication and payment with COFCC to assist with the logistics of the certification. It is ACO aim to combine the Chinese Certification audit with annual auditing requirements of your ACO and National Standard certification so only one audit is required per year.

While the rules and requirements are similar to ACO Certification the process and paperwork requirements are different.

Certification Process:

  1. Pre-application
    You can request a quote for Chinese Certification, please contact the ACO office for the Quote Enquiry Form.
  2. ACO provides you with the application forms
  3. You complete & submit the application documents back to ACO
  4. COFCC completes review of documents
  5. The audit is planned, scheduled and conducted by ACO’s Inspector
  6. COFCC complete a review and issue certification
  7. For Re-certification the application and audit process is required again for continued certification

There are a number of forms you need to complete and documentation and records you need to provide for Chinese Certification. These are outlined below, but are detailed in the application forms which ACO can provide you with.

New Application

  • Application form
  • Questionnaire
  • Business licence
  • Food licence (if applicable)
  • Map (locational, farm/processing/storage)
  • Water test, soil and product test results
  • Organic management plan
    • Quality Management plan
    • Environmental management plan
    • Procedures and templates
  • Sample records of inputs, seeds, planting, harvest, sales, livestock, cleaning, pest control, ingredient purchases, ingredient transport, product recall, complaints, staff training, internal audits, production records,
  • Pictures of the business


  • Application form
  • Recertification application form
  • Documents & records as above

Please note that Chinese certification of goji berries, cosmetics, honey and textiles is not possible.

To obtain a quote estimate form, application forms or talk to an ACO team member about Chinese Certification, please contact the office on (07) 3350 5706 or email

You can download a copy of the Organic Standard here.