ACO Certification Ltd was the first international certification body to gain accreditation to the South Korean Organic Standard, holding accreditation for both raw and processed food certification. The accreditation means ACO can provide organic certification in accordance with the Korean regulations administrated by the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA).

If you are interested in exporting certified organic products to Korea please make contact with the ACO office to obtain the application documents and guidance for obtaining Korean organic certification. ACO will check that you are in compliance with the Korean Organic Standard to ensure you can obtain market access to Korea.

It is common for Korean certification that the importer or processor will pay the certification fee for production suppliers. If this is the case please ensure this is indicated on the Korean application form.

Click here to download the Korean Organic Standard.

Click here to download the Korean Beekeeping Organic Standard.

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Please contact ACO to obtain he Korean logo(s).

Note the labels need to comply with the Korean Organic labelling requirements as set out in the standard.