Notice of Contamination – Pyganic

We have been notified of contamination of a certified allowed input called PyGanic®. This product is certified by ACO (Registration number 10332) and NCO (Registration number 2555M) as an allowed input into Organic Production. Please see attached a copy of the notification from Sumitomo.

Please view the official notices below:

Sumitomo Chemical Australia Notice
PYGANIC® use declaration
Notification of contamination of certified allowed input – PyGanic


If you are using an affected batch on certified land or within a certified premises, please stop using it immediately as it may impact the organic certification status of your product. We are currently working with Sumitomo to recall the product and the process for returning the noncompliant product.

If you have purchased and used the product on certified organic farm, equipment or storage/processing facilities, please notify your certifier immediately using the attached form.

ACO and NCO are undertaking a sampling program to assess the potential effect of this contamination on certification status of products certified to different standards.

ACO and NCO are also working closely with Sumitomo, other certifiers, and relevant stakeholders to identify noncompliant products, control the trade of noncompliant product, and assess the impact on certified operators.

Thank you for your cooperation regarding this issue.