Just Released – ACO Standard 2017

Please be advised that Australian Organic has just released the ACO Standard 2017

You can access the standard on the Australian Organic website here.

Here is an overview of the changes:

  • Table 9.2a & 4.7a and clauses regarding these tables have been removed or updated. These tables set the guideline limits for heavy metals but as they were guideline limits they have been removed and ACO will now revert to relevant food/compost standards for these limits.
  • Section 8.1.2 regarding unannounced audits on retail/butcher stores have been amended to apply to high risk operators only.
  • Section 8.1.11 – 8.1.14 have been amended to better fit the retail chain model under umbrella style management. The amendments set out details for internal audit frequency as well as ACO audit frequency
  • A new section 9.5 Labelling Requirements for Allowed Inputs and Approved Products has been added to cover the labelling of Allowed Inputs and Approved Products
  • Section 5.1.33 has been amended to include the word roughage
  • Section 3.5.5 was divided into two clauses
  • Section 3.5.6 now includes the word “disposal”
  • Section 3.7.3b was amended to state “b. product acceptance will only be valid for the period of validity of the organic certificate being recognised” and former point “b” is now “c”
  • Section 6.2 has had the wording “Livestock shall be handled calmly and gently at all times during transport, unloading, holding and slaughter.”

If you have any questions relating to the changes, please contact the ACO office on (07) 3350 5706 or at info@aco.net.au


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