How to use this Spreadsheet for Submitting a Product Assessment Request to ACO

Step 1 - Enter your Ingredients

Using the Ingredients Worksheet, enter in all of the ingredients for your product(s). If you have multiple recipes, enter in the ingredients for all of your recipes. The ingredients will then become available for selection in the "New Recipe" worksheets.

If you have many supppliers / manufacturers of one particular ingredient, then add an ingredient row for each one.

The following describes the columns that are required for each ingredient :

Ingredient Commercial NameName of the ingredient as it appears on the organic certificate/MSDS/PIF etc.
Manufacturer or SupplierName of supplier/manufacturer on the organic certificate/MSDS/PIF. Important when there’s same product from multiple suppliers.
Ingredient CodeOptional - If you wish to use an internal ingredient code.
Scientific NameThe INCI name must be used here for cosmetic ingredients (required for labelling).
TypeSelect from the drop down list what the ingredient is used for.
Certification BodyThe name of the certification body that certified the ingredient - This will be on the certificate for that ingredient.
StandardThe standard the ingredient is certified under - this should match the information on the certificate.
Organic %Please list the percentage of organic content in this ingredient (eg. 100% or 95%)

Step 2 - Enter your Recipe Ingredients

Using the New Recipe worksheet, enter all of the ingredients that are in the recipe for the product, in order of descending concentration (ie. most concentrated ingredient first) :

  1. Select the ingredient from the drop down list
  2. Select the ingredient manufacturer - important where there are multiple suppliers / manufacturers.
  3. Enter the percentage of the ingredient in the finished product.
  4. Enter % of added salt or water for that ingredient
  5. Ensure the final product adds up to 100%

How to add extra Recipies

To enter multiple recipies / products on a worksheet (which is the preferred method), you will need to make copies of the "New Recipe" worksheet, To do that :

  1. Right click on the "New Recipe" (or "New Formula") worksheet and select "Move or Copy...".
  2. In the list that pops up, select "(move to end)".
  3. Check the "Create a copy" check box.
  4. Click the "OK" button.
  5. Right click on the newly created worksheet, then select "Rename", then type the new products name.